David a beer belly that wouldn't shift, he had no energy and felt trapped in a body he simply wasn't confident in.

We optimised testosterone levels and focused on a flexible diet (David likes his pizza and whisky) to force the belly fat to disappear. 


Steve has a demanding work schedule and found it tough to lose the belly fat and keep it off.

We spent just a few weeks tweaking his diet and setting up home workouts to drop the fat as efficiently as possible. 


Busy family / work life left paul with no time for self care. His belly started gaining fat and it wouldn't shift.

We spent 6 weeks focusing on a full body recomposition to build strength and rip stubborn belly fat away. Emphasis was on quickness and ease to suit his busy lifestyle


David had a beer belly from years of habitual drinking and a poor diet. He had no energy when finishing a long day at work and his busy family life left no time to focus on himself.

We drove testosterone levels up and forced his metabolism to self correct to increase his daily fat burn. We built out his daily habits to ensure consistent progress.


Ben spent long hours at work and was busy at home with a young family. He still found time to train and diet but the results never came. 

We went hard and heavy with Bens home gym with a focus on strength and fat loss along side a flexible dieting approach that suited Ben and his family.


Andy wasn't eating much but his belly seemed to get bigger and bigger. He struggled to stick to any sort of training regime as he would get disheartened and quit when the results didn't come.

We forced his metabolism self correct and focused on eliminating stubborn belly fat. 

We also built out daily routines to change his thought patterns around training and nutrition to ensure he stays consistent.


Max worked long and unpredictable hours making it tough to follow a routine.

His metabolism was damaged through minimal eating.

We fixed his metabolism and in just a few short weeks forced his belly fat away without giving up his favourite foods or nights out.


Daily casual drinking had caused Mike to carry stubborn belly fat and constantly feel bloated. 

We increase his testosterone levels through an unrestricted diet and focused training on building a strong, solid, healthy physique


James wanted to change but he had a lot coming up, stag do, wedding, busy projects on at work...

Despite this he took action and jumped in. Between these 2 photos was a pretty intense stag do and plenty of socialising, but the system WORKS. He dropped fat, lost weight, got stronger and continues to move forward!
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